FIELD 1:  is set up diagonal closest to Division Street.                                                                                                                                            FIELD 2:  is closest to the equipment box and Wasson Lane.                                                                                                               FIELD 3:  is closest to the tennis courts and runs parallel to field 2.

HOME TEAM- Sets Up The Fields.                                                                                                                                                                        AWAY TEAM- Takes Down The Fields.     

Fall League 2015 will run from August 23 to October 25. Labor Day weekend off. 

Games are every Sunday at 4pm. Fields are behind Meyer Middle School By the tennis courts and Baseball fields.

Games are 75 minutes or first team to 15 points. There is about a 10 minute halftime. So if you come a little early to warm up and/or help set the field up plan on being there between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Try not to miss too many games, (unless you let your captain know ahead of time.) There are only about 8 games, and believe it or not your team counts on you to be there.

You may wear cleats (not metal)    

If it's raining we still play unless there is lightning. 


Any Questions: bryanize@hotmail.com

. Wed night, 7:30pm. River Falls (field 2 by the equipment box) We will send emails out when there are pickup games.
2. Saturday morning, 10am - Noonish: St Paul (close to 94 and 35E)
3. Sunday Evening, 6pm - 8ish: Stillwater (Stillwater Junior High)
4. Also heard Stillwater plays Friday evenings.

The lowdown on the above options:

1. River Falls -- the people you already know and love.
2. St Paul is a nice mix of VERY experienced players and novices/pickup only players. Also a wide variety of athletic abilities, but dont be fooled. Old experienced players may be slow but they are wily. Everyone is extremely welcoming and you will learn a LOT from attending.
3. Your sunday evenings are already cleared out and you know its a great time to play ultimate. Stillwater players came out in droves this spring to support river falls ultimate, so if you are looking to play, go return the favor and you will see many familiar faces.